Frequently Asked Questions

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HomeTrax will always be free to join so any fees that we introduce in the future will be for optional services. For example, because an aspect of our service is the storage of records, documents and images, we may in the future need to implement storage restrictions. If that occurs, we may introduce fees in order to allow people to store greater amounts of data.
We absolutely anticipate this happening and we welcome suggestions! Feel free to use the “Contact” link to send us a message with a request to add a particular category, product or component. For the time being, you can record any items under “Custom”.
HomeTrax has compiled data regarding the average useful life of products and appliances typically found in a home. At this time, the data is more general in nature and not specific to an identified product or manufacturer. Using a refrigerator as an example, HomeTrax has set the useful life at 15 years. In terms of the alert, if you list your refrigerator as being placed in service in 2005, the alert will be set for 2020. Obviously, how much or how little you use a product will influence greatly its useful life. For those with large families or pets, beware!