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Who We Are

HomeTrax is an early stage web/digital company with the goal to become a leading provider of home management tools and features to assist homeowners with the sometimes difficult task of preparing, planning, and budgeting for the care, maintenance, and improvement of their homes.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and please stay tuned as we are working hard to roll out additional features for our members!

Our Statement

Over time, we believe recording and tracking maintenance and improvements to your home will add value when you go to sell your home. In addition, by being proactive and monitoring the age of mechanical equipment and appliances, you will be in a better position to avoid unexpected and untimely breakdowns. The site is intended to also provide a platform for homeowners to share tips and recommendations with their neighbors and others by connecting with them and communicating through our message board. As an example, homeowners living in the same subdivision with homes built by the same developer will undoubtedly have similar home features and similar home maintenance needs and timelines. By sharing experiences and insights, homeowners can help their neighbors, friends, and family make timely and better informed decisions.

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